All the way from the Netherlands, MODISH is dedicated to providing you HIGH QUALITY with fashionable chic designs for both men and women: STATE OF ART for the modern classics man, and BANDOLERA for the elegant feminine woman.

More than 15 years ago, MODISH began as a single clothing store in Lebanon. Through hard work, innovation and insight, MODISH grew to become a successful and leading fashion company with Dutch spirit in many points of sale.

Today, MODISH offers you the unique opportunity to create an individualized “look” by combining our high-quality materials with extremely elegant and trendy styles.


Offering 8 collections for STATE OF ART as well as 16 collections for BANDOLERA yearly, visit our shops and start creating endless and fashionably chic combinations.


With our strategic outlets, you are free to choose the type of environment in which you enjoy to shop. Depending on your mood, you can visit our corner 3 windows branch in the heart of Beirut at Hamra makdessi street, or our CityMall branch and of course our novel and chic main boutique in Zouk - where it all began.

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Zouk highway, Nour Center. T: 09 225328

CITYMALL. T: 01 900328

Hamra, Makdessi Street. T: 01 353019

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